Support Ukraine

Our mission is to transform work for 1 billion people by 2025.  Core to that mission is defining the standards that help individuals and organizations understand how best to work together as part of the Open Talent economy. Right now, our mission is to help the well-being of Ukrainian freelancers through the power of this community.

We call on the members of The Center for The Transformation of Work to immediately adopt the quality standards outlined below; and we call on users of Open Talent to establish these standards for all of the Open Talent marketplaces they work with:

–   Adjust your terms to pay freelancers in 5 days or less; offering currency adjustment if necessary

–   Adjust your algorithms or matching processes to allow Ukrainian workers to be prioritized by customers

–   Allow for projects to be set up as a way to enable direct donations to your existing freelancer community

–   Provide  the opportunity for clients and workers to donate funds for personal and family needs (see below for some options)

–   Partner where necessary to ensure compliance with local labour laws to protect client interest and ensure business continuity

–   Take a stand and declare your position to your community of workers

–   Be ready for changing and evolving needs (let us know how we can improve on these standards)

–   Recognize the value in sharing your experiences and evolving as a community

If you have questions or feedback regarding these quality standards, please let us know via email at

Below you will find a list (in alphabetical order by company) of organizations with initiatives to help Ukraine by helping Ukrainian freelancers. Submit your listing to

Adecco Group

The Adecco Group has a dedicated global jobs platform, powered by its Adecco brand, to enable displaced people from Ukraine to connect with job opportunities.

Brackets Club

The Brackets Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to members of the freelancer community. They collect monetary donations to aid members in need during times of hardship. Freelancers supporting freelancers.

Cloud 10 Studios

Cloud 10 Studios is an animation and visualization studio. We specialize in working with global talent by providing virtual workstations with the tools needed to work on animated films, commercials, and more. Artists and animators can earn a living or work a side gig from anywhere. They would be proud to support Ukrainian refugees from wherever they are with freelance opportunities within the animation industry.

European Coworking Assembly

Coworking in Europe is combining its resources to support our community in Ukraine. This page has the information to connect with the people and projects coordinated by and within the Coworking in Europe Assembly.

Greenlight is proud to play its part in supporting millions of displaced Ukrainian refugees to earn an income in their host countries by providing employers the infrastructure they need to hire and pay remote Ukrainian professionals.


Because Remote owns their own entities in Ukraine and in several surrounding countries, they are well positioned to help people not subject to enforced conscription to relocate.

Remote Ukraine

Over 2.5 million Ukrainians refugees have now fled the war. This includes thousands of highly skilled professionals. You can support by hiring them, wherever they are.


Topcoder is proud to support our Topcoder community members in the conflict areas of Ukraine and surrounding countries. They are helping with ways to earn and the ability to connect so there is never a member on their own trying to get safe or find a new way to support their families. We hope we can help you.


As the talent marketplace for the future of work, Torc already has 100s of available jobs for Ukrainian freelancers and is providing assistance to Ukrainian companies that need to hire top tech talent. Torc has also partnered with a Ukrainian software development education/training organization to offer ongoing skill building and career growth opportunities.


Upwork is a global community and are devastated by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. They're taking action to help freelancers, clients, and the people of Ukraine—and so can you.