CTW Member Spotlight: Meet Jeff Davis

CTW Community Meeting – August 4, 2022: India’s booming gig economy

India will soon be home to the world’s largest workforce. Many young Indians are joining a formal economy via platforms and the rapid growth shows no signs of slowing down. Today’s discussion was led by CTW community leader, Mark Hannant who is the Co-founder of Magenta , with two special guests, Dr. Sakshi Khurana of NITI […]

CTW Member Spotlight: Meet Dale Pearce

Meet Dale Pearce. She is an independent consultant, helping businesses thrive in the digital world. She works within a global network of platforms and specialist providers to shape enterprise ecosystems that deliver inclusive growth, foster innovation, snd adapt to changing environments. Get to know Dale and others like her by becoming a member of our community. Membership is free to any individual who […]

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