CTW Community Meeting – September 15, 2022: Upwork’s Future Workforce Report 2022 with Tim Sanders

CTW Member Spotlight: Agnieszka Porebska

Meet Agnieszka Porebska. She is the Future of Work expert and CEO of Talent Alpha, an IT talent marketplace that connects businesses with the world’s largest network of trusted software companies. With a catalog of over 50,000 experts, her company provides rapid access to a broad range of tech specialists and supports organizations with their mission-critical projects. Get to meet amazing […]

CTW Member Spotlight: Ritika Arya

Meet Ritika Arya. She is the Creative Director at magenta, a multidisciplinary creative studio that specializes in B2B brand communication. Ritika and her team have been a part of the Center for the Transformation of Work since inception, and have been a driving force in the organization’s messaging and communication efforts. Magenta has also been the […]

CTW Community Meeting – September 1, 2022: Freelance Talent Market Research Round-Up with Forrester, Freelancer Club and MBO Partners

This Center for the Transformation of Work meeting highlights informative research on the freelance talent marketplace with Forrester, Freelancer Club and MBO Partners. Presenters: Ted Schadler // Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research:  The Freelance Talent Marketplace Landscape, Q1 2022 Matt Dowling // Founder at Freelancer Club Research: Freelancer Club reports on Ethical […]

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