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Transforming work for a billion people by 2025.

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Our Manifesto


We exist to activate a new way of working.

One that aligns how people work with the work they do.

A way of working that is open, inclusive, dynamic and agile.

An approach we believe to be the best way to help organisations and workers achieve their full potential.

We exist to Transform Work.

Context, Purpose and Objective

Digital technologies have radically changed – and continue to change at ever increasing rates – the world we live in. But the way we work remains, stubbornly, an artifact of the past. Stuck firmly in the industrial age.

Our goal is to enable both workers and organizations around the world to realize their full potential.

To accomplish our purpose and vision we must help increase the adoption of open work processes by creating a shared narrative around standardization, transparency, inclusivity, information security, metrics, adoption maturity, worker benefits and worker sustainability. Benefiting everyone, organizations and workers alike.

Defining Principles

  1. We believe in skill over geography, action over bureaucracy, talent over source, agility over rigidity, and networks over organization charts.
  2. We believe that organisations using open talent at any scale will be more successful than organisations that don’t.
  3. We believe that open talent will knock down the walls around gender, race, ethnicity, geographic, religious and physical challenges that limit opportunity, bringing a new level of diversity, equity and inclusiveness to work.
  4. We believe in workers, the people who do the work, and will enable open talent careers to be passionate, fulfilling and sustainable, and we’ll lead the charge in creating benefits, cutting-edge experiences and life-long learning opportunities to make that possible.
  5. We believe that widespread organizational adoption is a key accelerator and we will work towards creating a shared industry narrative to remove friction to enterprise adoption.
  6. We believe in and will bring clarity and definition to the open talent landscape and its language.
  7. We believe in and will establish standards and best practices around organization operations and adoption of the new work paradigm.


John Winsor
Catherine McGowin
Brandon Dwight
Steve Rader
Arthur Ransier
Prakash Gupta
Simon Hill
San Rahi
Jeff Davis
Dean Bosche
Dale Pearce
Alistair Hofert
Janice Stevenor Dale
Stephanie Fels
Arturo Natella
David Messinger
Satish Kumar
Jason Posel
Mark Hannant
Anna Denysenko
Mary Mellino
Stephen Lepke
Wyatt Nordstrom
Ashley Ryall
Todd Brous
John W. Healy
Tom Cooke
Andy Tanyatanaboon
Bryan Peña
Dyan Finkhousen
Ritika Arya
Andrew Barnes
Chuck Hamilton
Mafé Rabino
Carin-Isabel Knoop
Cindy Songne
Mike Morris
Tom O'Malley
Adam Sandlin
Sajeev Nair
Richard Copsey
Carrie Leonard

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